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Friday, 21 April 2017 00:00

Wedding Cakes By Naija Bakers 4 Featured

This is post is designed to inspire you my dear reader! Its an update on the latest trends in wedding cake designs by Naija bakers. though they might not be the latest in town but they are sure updated classic works by some of our talented bakers. 

I am always particular about the "about to wed" reading this segment of my blog. This will open your minds to the wonders you can get from our Niaja bakers... look no further! you might find it just near you!  

Let's just look at these pictures...


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BY Imaobong Anireh

When I use self-raising flour my cake does not rise properly, do I need to add baking powder? If yes, what quantity? Thanks



Before I talk about the cake, I'd want to hail Nigerian wedding planners of this day. my salute goes top them especially in the area of photo-shoot. A lot is being said now with photos. That is why i always bring up together beautiful line array of photos during each wedding I post. I love especially the pictures of the reflected floor in this collection

Now the cake for this wedding was made by our very own Ivy cakes (CakesbyIvy) and I love the presentation! You can see the cake standing strong and tall with a blend of hue and sharpness. I didn't expect less from Ivy

The idea is to showcase cake o! but Meen! I also love to showcase photo shots that are on point as well as breath-taking decorations.

Such is the case for Nina ad Eze. This couple earned my showcase because their photo pose was heavenly. Now the biggest part of it was their CAKE!  Soso of the empress galleria has her way with drawing attention to cakes. At a glance, you’d think that was a real box! I love her practical craft both from the imagination to the implementation...

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

Dangote's 60th Birthday: Another Naija Cake Exhibition Featured

Just a yesterday, Nigeria and Africa's biggest industrialist and business man, Alh. Aliko Dangote celebrated his 60th birthday. For many people, it's a big milestone achieved but for us here in Nigeria, It's a revitalization of our minds that we will surely survive. Most especially for Naija bakers, Its an exhibition!

Before I proceed to show you my dear reader what I mean and how I mean it, I'd love to give you a brief introduction of this man that has kept Nigeria's flag high... Wikipedia puts it this way.. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

Mickey Mouse Cakes By Naija Bakers Featured

Just yesterday I celebrated the Mickey mouse Cake Day on our social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and here was how I put it...

Based on Logistics.... coolembarassedlaughing
Mickey Mouse had the highest mention.... As people's favourite cartoon character.
So today is #247naijacakeaffairs
Mickey Mouse Cake Day.... Post your Mickey Mouse cakes here.. Tag me and I will publish the pix

And after a little while, Naija Bakers flooded my timeline and DM with different shades of Mickey! I couldn't pick all in this post so I'm gonna be publishing a second segment of this......based on logistics laughing

Oya Let's go there!

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