WE ARE BACK!! Our web Posting Begins Again With Lots of Information


Wow! My great, sweet, awesome bakers and cake lovers! It feels good to be so back on the website again after more that a year!. Believe me it was not my intention to leave the web space to concentrate on the social media platforms (instagram and Facebook). I sure knew that this web space will suffer a bit…

It sure did! but you know what? I didn’t forget it! I was always working around this space in my head even when there was practically no time for it. One thing was sure; I knew a day like this will come when I have to pick up this side of my bogging again…and Yieppiee!!! I am back!! with lots of gooddies too. For my fans who are not always used to the Instagrams and Facebooks of this world, I am back to meet to your needs here on our website!

Again, withing this time, a lot of new things came my way… I had a new baby Not a boy or a girl o Lol. I had anew page on the social media platform where I was crowned Da Recipe Queen ! Trust me, you will be blown away with the contents of that platform. I have made new and amazing friends, I have taught more bakers both online and offline…and the big part… I opened a brand new tear-rubber bake studio smile. It was talk of the town when we opened it. It still is till now..

Finally my people, I want to thank you all for keeping up with me on Instagram and Facebook. both on the blog and on my new baby. God will continue to bless all of you more and more

We are ready to start here again so… LET’S GO THERE!!!


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