Tonye Cole @ 50: Grand Birthday Party With Cake By Salt Lagos


The birthday party was themed “Bringing The 70’s Back“…the costumes were perfect, the guests were on point, the venue and event planning was superb.. and the CAKE??? your guess is a good as mine!

Guess who was celebrating? Its Tonye Cole, MD of Sahara Group, a loving husband, a proud father and a biker. He is one of Naija’s top CEOs and he just turned 50!




The party was all to taste; all thanks to the vendors:

Zapphire Events, as always would gather top class vendors to make an event come out superb! The theme and its deco were on point…. and the cakes? i love them to finish! the designs also blended to perfection with the theme. The cake was crafted by Salt Lagos, one of Naija’s brands in the industry. There were also cup cakes that were finely decorated with the biker style and they all looked awesome.


Happy birthday to you sire!
















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