Throw-back – Baby Ezinne Umeh’s Church Outing Service And The Thrills At The Party


Nostalgia is the word that best describes my feelings as the pictures kept coming into my inbox. This event happened last year and the princes is a big girl now! I chatted her mum (Bar. Mrs Rosline Umeh) and she reminded me how I made their baby’s day with the beautiful cake and desserts.




Princes Ezinne’s churching was special both to the parents and we the vendors. You could see the classic photo-shoot by Or-Art audio visuals, I wish you also tasted the food, everything was superb!. Yours truly was the cake and dessert vendor….and I gave it the best shot! (my love for babies propelling me)


The event saw a cluster of friends and family gather in one beautiful location in Festac, Lagos to eat good food, have nice drinks and dilute them with the world’s yummiest desserts. I remember all these as fresh as they appeared on that day. The parents of the baby (Bar. & Bar. Mrs Umeh) were at the top of their smiles…probably because the event turned out more than they had expected. 

My weekend has been made sweet with this Throw-Back!!










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