The Sugar Veil Recipe….making designed sugar lace


Sugar Veil Recipe

1 Tbsp. Tylose

1/4 cup of Boiling water

1 Tbsp confetioner’s sugar

2 level tbsp of corn starch

1/4 Tsp of meringue powder

1/2 Tsp of corn syrup

icing color of your choice



Add Tylose to boiling water and with a small fork, mix until you get a clear mixture. When the mixture is clear, add

confetioner’s sugar and mix, then add your corn starch and mix again. Add the merigue powder and mix again. then add

your corn syrup and then your color after all ingredients have been added.

This mixture can be kept in the refridgerator for a week. To work with it, leave at a room temperature. Once you have

made the lace you can store it in a plastic ziplock bag.

To restore elasticity, just place a damp kitchen towel on top, but not too long….keep checking it.


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