The Naija Baker & CSR – Kannies Cake Plus Celebrates Birthday For A Less Privileged


In a matter of hours ago, this little girl received what could be the biggest surprise since she was born 10 years ago. All tanks to the Creative Director and CEO of Kannies Cakes Plus, Mrs Uju Akpoebi-Yeri and entire family and staff. Deborah was given a birthday treat today and I guess this might be her first time of celebrating a birthday. 


This is a very good example to the Naija baking industry. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is simply just a way that we give back to the society that sustains us and our businesses. In Nigeria, businesses thrive not because of the rich few but because of the massive population nature has given us. this is why there is still market for the great crowd that are already in the baking industry and more that will come in. The society has given us the opportunity to use our talents to earn a living. We must in turn give back to the society in appreciation. It’s the Circle of Life, It’s for us to do

Uju Akpoebi-Yeri posted this on her facebook wall today after hosting the birthday party for Deborah in her parents’ residence: 

“There is this little girl that lives in a batcher in my neighbourhood. She is always so polite, keeps greeting me and waving at me and my kids. One day, she came to fetch water in my compound and then I asked her when her birthday was. It was two days before my younger daughter’s birthday. I thought of how I always plan for my child’s birthday…her cake, her dress , etc. It just crossed my mind that this damsel in my neighborhood may not have had a cake ever before.
And here I was preparing for my daughter’s birthday like I do every year.
I decided to bake her a cake as a gift. My children and I and my staff went to her house, sang her a birthday song and gave her a cake. Of course her parents and herself were surprised! That smile on her face was priceless. Doing this was a privilege.”







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