Santiscreations Cakes: Showcasing The Ingenuity Of A Baker


Good morning my ever radiant bakers and cake lovers. We are in mid-week and I hope you have all gone half way with your plans for the week. if you have not, don’t worry. It is not how far but how well. The required speed will be given to you at the right time. 

Just today I decided to showcase a talent I came across recently. I will always say it over and over again that Naija bakers rock anytime! As a peep machine, I always beam my long-neck, pin hole camera into bakers ovens from time to time. This time I am presenting to you and astute baker from the Abuja region, a creative designer and a sugar Pro, My dear readers, I present to you the brand, Santiscreations Cakes. This brand is based in Abuja, Nigeria and is firing hot to all locations under view. Let’s see some of her works











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