Rich Fruit Cake Recipe just for your Christmas



Do you want to bake a rich fruit cake this Christmas?
This is for those that want to try out a new and different recipe, for beginners in the house, for hobby bakers etc. I hope this my recipe helps!

Rich Fruit Cake!
Recipe for a single 10 inch cake or double 9 inch cakes :

Flour (1kg)
Butter/ Margarine( 750g)
Sugar( 700g)
Eggs( 15 medium sized)
Baking powder( 1 tablespoon)
Mixed Fruits ( 1 big packet/ 500g)
Brandy( desired quantity)
Dark treacle( desired quantity)
Preservative( 2 tablespoons)
Cinnamon( 2 tablespoons)
Mixed spices( 2 tablespoons)
Grounded Nutmeg( 1 tablespoon)
Browning( heavy pour)
Flavours(8 capfulls that must consist of 2 capfulls of almond+ 3 capfulls of vanilla+ 2 capfulls of butterscotch + 1 capfull of rum flavour)

Soak your mixed fruits( raisins,blackcurrants,sultans, cherries etc.) Into the brandy overnight

1. Sift your flour and add baking powder to it
2. Cream your butter, sugar, cinnamon, mixed spices,grounded nutmeg, preservative and liquid flavours together with your mixer till it rises in volume and gets fluffy
3. Add the eggs and mix thoroughly
4. Add your dark treacle and mix
5. Pour in your flour with baking powder gradually till it all goes in,then continue mixing
6. Add your browning and mix
7. Afterwards, do not use mixer again, then pour in your soaked mixed fruits and handmix with your wooden turner/spoon!


Note – to prevent the mixed fruits from creating large holes in the cake, all you need to do is before adding it ….prepare your baking pans by greasing them with margarine, lining them with paper( parchment/ brown/white), flouring them). Then pour your batter gradually inside the pan, tap on a flat surface or level with a spoon, then sprinkle your soaked mixed fruits, pour another set of batter, level and sprinkle the soaked mixed fruits once again: do this step by step till you finish up . Pour in the whole batter if you are using a 10 inch pan or share the batter into two and pour into Two 9 inch pans
8. Tap your pan finally ,then use spoon to smoothen the surface
9. Preheat your oven
10. Then bake!

Hope someone tries it out…..that’s my recipe!
Happy caking!


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