#PDA16: A Jungle-Themed Traditional Wedding For Phoebe & Damilola Asolo


After loads of conversation with the client (sure the groom this time…my thoughts), Trendy Bee Events crew decided to go for a “jungle-themed traditional wedding. You could imagine the look of the event, serving meals in leaves, calabash and bamboo, freshly made palm wine and of course the jungle-themed decoration with the 3D cutout where they had every animal you can think of and ropes for Tarzan to play with..( I know your head is going “Gaga” with your toy stories now). The bride was super decorated to details as she wanted.

Now look at my own part….The Caged Cake!. It was caged, securing it from the wild animals in the jungle… I love this story!!

I doff my cap for you Trendy Bee Events for putting up this wonderful piece of event. This is creativity and we want more of this at our weddings. I have since been searching for the cake designer that worked with you ….maybe you will let our readers know by putting the name as a foot note or comments. But tell him/her that the Naija cake community is saluting.

Happy married life to you Phoebe and Dami. Kudos to all of you who worked together to put up this awesome event. Special thanks to the Jide Odukoya who is the Pro photographer












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