Naija Bakers’ Diary Series. – Interview With Cakes And Sugarcraft Supplies UK


My ever patient bakers and cake lovers, I want to say a very happy new year to all of you! I was off the blog for some days as I had to go for Christmas and new year holidays to my villa…and unfortunately there was limited internet services there so I could only work sparingly on my facebook and instagram pages…but the blog was not possible. Anyways, I’m back and back to business

On this note, I have decided to open the new year post with the Naija Bakers’ Diary Series and in this segment, I present a gifted hands in the UK, She is my bosom friend, a loving sister and a trusted colleague, She is making so much wave in the UK and I am always proud of her and her works.

After reading this interview, you can find more about her and her brand on here Youtube, and the web site

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mrs Busi Christian-Iwuagwu, CEO Cakes and Sugarcraft Supplies Ltd, a UK based cake company. Let’s keep calm and listen to her as she tell us about her cake business and career.


May we know your name and Business name and where you are based?

My name is Busi Christian-Iwuagwu of Cakes and Sugarcraft Supplies Ltd. I am a bespoke cake designer based in Cheshunt, Broxborne, Hertfordshire, UK.


When (the year) did you start this Cake Biz?

I Started my cake decorating business in 2009.


What are the things that prompted you to start up your Cake Biz as in How your love for cake decorating started?

I am a naturally talented baker and cake designer, I knew from an early age that I had a passion for creating new flavours and designs. I started baking with my grandmother when I was just 6 years old, but my mum would not let me bake as much as I wanted because the electricity was very expensive in Africa. Coming to the UK gave me the freedom to bake whenever I want, even though my husband Udeh Still complains about the electricity bill.

Baking has always been my passion, when my first son Victor was born premature, and was unwell for 3 months. I was on maternity leave for a very long time so started cake decorating at night. I baked most of the cakes on this site with my son on my back. One thing that most mums working from home can relate



What was the first official job you remembered making as a Cake designer and how did you feel then?

My first paid cake decorating job was for my friend Natalie’s wedding. I made a three tier wedding cake with sugar flowers and it came out really well. I was really nervous because I was worried if it was going to come out well. She was well impressed



Can you tell us your greatest challenges in the Cake Biz or the ups and downs you have faced as a Cake designer?

My greatest challenge is running a successful business as married woman with 3 kids. Striking a balance between work and family life which is very important to me. Most times I decorated my cake during the night when kids and husband go to sleep


What’s your greatest cake decorating triumph?

My greatest triumph in cake decorating was cake decorating classes. I grew up very shy and never knew I had it in me to stand in front of 24 people every week. My cake decorating classes sold to over 800 people from June 2015 to August 2016. I also provide free online tutorial on YouTube, my Blog and on Cake PLC



How would you describe your decorating style?

Less is more. Like neat, and well presented cakes.


What favourite Cakes do you enjoy baking and decorating and also the favourite colours you love working with?

I love novelty cakes. Love modeling figures especially on kids cakes. I don’t really have a favourite colour, I let my customers decide what colour they want. If I have to say then, yes I love working with white fondant.


What are the benefits (gains) you have reaped as a Cake designer or your greatest achievements?

My best moments in this industry is when a customer is happy with their cake and they say thank. The look on their face is priceless. I received two awards last year. All Women Achievers Award (Best cake decorator 2016) and Black African Women Rock Recognition Award.


A lot of people shy off cakes for health reasons and avoiding sugar. Are there options for these classes of people?

I am in the health profession too so I know for sure that having a slice cake on your occasions is not exactly going to cause a major health problem for you. My advice is all everything you like in moderation. I don’t have a recipe for sugar free cake yet unfortunately, but there should be plenty other cake makers who provide this service.



What would you say is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career as a cake designer?

My biggest lesson learnt in cake decorating is to learn to keep your accounting books in order, since this is mostly a cash in home business for most people, you can easily run at a loss if you do not record your income and expenditure


What’s your most treasured piece of cake decorating tool or kit?

My Turntable.


What’s your advice to upcoming cake designers in the Nigerian Cake Industry?

When I started my cake business I bought every cake tool on the market. Trust me most of them I have not even opened. Only buy a few essentials, don’t waste your money everything they advertise. Most things can be done free hand anyway.



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