Naija Bakers’ Diary Series. – Fimie’s Desserts Ville Opens Up To Naija


Good afternoon my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I hope you all are having fun this Saturday afternoon. For me, I am just chilling in front of my computer, having little or no cake to make this weekend and ofcourse presenting to you this segment of the Naija Bakers’ Diary Series.

In this segment , I am presenting for the first time a dessertier (I borrow her own words). I have noticed with great admiration how most events these days have been an avenue for dessert display. Desserts are simply the smallest bits of sweetness! I just love them to pieces. On that note, I feel so delighted to showcase this amiable lady. She has constantly shown how good desserts can be..

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mrs. Fimisade Osiyemi, CEO and Lead baker at Fimie’s DessertsVille, Lagos. Please lets join her in this chocolaty ride.



May we know your name and Business name and where you are based?

My name is Fimisade Osiyemi lead baker/dessertier at FIMIESDESSERTSVILLE based in Lagos , Nigeria.


When (the year) did you start this Cake Biz?

We started the business in 2014.


What are the things that prompted you to start up your Cake Biz as in How your love for cake decorating started?

My childhood passion for baking coupled with the fact that my mum is a baker spurred me into giving baking a shot
What was the first official job you remembered making as a Cake designer and how did you feel then?
It wasn’t such a bad one and I was actually proud of myself. But looking back now I know I have grown a lot better from that time.


Can you tell us your greatest challenges in the Cake Biz or the ups and downs you have faced as a Cake designer?

The issue of cake delivery used to be a challenge but that has been put in check. The current situation concerning the ridiculous increase in price of cake supplies is the major challenge now as it clearly cuts deep into the little profit there ought to be since we can’t in turn over charge on cakes regardless of the current situation.


What’s your greatest cake decorating triumph?

When I got my first wedding cake job and I executed the job nicely.


How would you describe your decorating style?

We are dynamic and versatile….we always want to wow our customers so that Spurs us to keep trying new ideas…, that way we remain unpredictable.



What favourite Cakes do you enjoy baking and decorating and also the favourite colours you love working with?

I love to bake and decorate dessert cakes , and love working with GOLD, pink, red and white.


What are the benefits (gains) you have reaped as a Cake designer or your greatest achievements?

I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with great bakers that I look up to. I also have granted interviews both in newspapers as well as online… All of which have helped to give the business adequate exposure.


A lot of people shy off cakes for health reasons and avoiding sugar. Are there options for these classes of people?

Yes there are options for people who can’t take in much sugar. We have sugar substitutes that will give same result as well as recipes that help to control cholesterol to give a healthier result.



What would you say is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career as a cake designer?

I’ve learnt to always believe the customer is always right. So even if the customer is wrong i have to always take the blame . And I’ve also Learnt that baking business is financially draining (LOL) as one cannot really stop buying and buying.


What’s your most treasured piece of cake decorating tool or kit?

My spatula and turn table .



What’s your advice to upcoming cake designers in the Nigerian Cake Industry?

They have to be prepared to spend a lot and reap a little especially in the early stage of the business, and know that the growth is a gradual process that will come with various experiences that will eventually make the business pay off in the long run. So they must learn to be patient (especially with customers) and be able to endure and persevere in the face of any setback or challenge.



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