ICES Event 2016: The Nigeria Cake Expo Showcasing The Media


Good evening my wonderful bakers and cake lovers. I know a lot of people might be wondering why I choose to report or showcase events after they are long gone. Now hear my reason: I don’t run a gossip blog! my line of reporting is real ans substantial. this means that it makes sense as long as there is need of it in life. That is why you will see a post here have more views, likes and comments as the day passes by. They are timeless!

On this note I want to present to you my wonderful readers, the events that took place on the recently concluded ICES convention in Lagos. It was da bomb! I was still busy counting my blessings for attending that event. I got to see so many lovely people I have been longing to see face to face. Now that was a moment of hugs and kisses! i can’t count how many, it was just awesome to see lots of bakers I have not met in person before then. Ok; enough of me and the bakers 



The theme of the event was “Cake; The Media”. By this, the exhibitors have tried to present cake as a form of communication and information art. You could see cake designs that depicted media instruments. Lots of cake played the roll of information art. I love the fact that the exhibitors understood the theme and thoughtfully made their designs to reflect the true image of the theme though supported by other designs that touched every other aspect of life. One thing anybody could see clearly in this event is the versatile nature of cake in presenting and concept. It says to the world “You can express it with CAKE!”

My dear readers, you have to be patient with me as I tried to present every picture I got from this event. There are lots of them. Let’s go there!




Apart from this cake exhibition, another notable function of this event was the cake tool bazaar. Lots of cake decorating tools both indigenous and foreign were showcased for mass sales. I enjoyed this part. I had to call my hubby to send me more cash as I knew I will exhaust my own. I bought a lot of things and it was an exciting shopping for me. Some of the sales booths were captured by my nosy camera. Here they are



If you missed this show, You are forgiven! Go home and sin no more! Be at the next ICES show



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