#Henrinuel17: Mz Mannie Weds Mannie With Cakes By Sweet Crumbs


And it happened that the Adeyemis’ came out all excited as their son Emmanuel took the hand of his heart rob Henrietta as his bride…. Joy unspeakable could be used to describe the events of that day. The guests were all out in excitement as the came together to witness live the start up  of a blissful life journey for the couple. from the traditional to the white, it was joy all the way…

Looking at the couple as well as the guests, one could wonder the extra excitement on their faces…As i flipped through the pages of the collection from this event I realized that the lasting beam of smiles were not just only the process of joining them together…..something else made them more excited…. the CAKE!


All thanks to Sweet Crumbs Cakes for bringing extra joy to the couple and friends with those beautiful cakes for the trad and white.

Kudos to you our Naija baker and happy married life to Mannie and Mz Mannie













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