Comedian Seyi Law Celebrates 5th Wedding Anniversary With The Perfect Cake


” I looked into your eyes several times, but the burning desire never ends. Your beauty is not of the outwards but within. Your strength is in accommodating without complains. You are an epitome of amazement, a creation of excellence and a heart of pure gold” These are the very words of our own famous stand-up comedian Seyi Law to his wife of 5 years on their renewal of marital vows during their 5th wedding anniversary ( Oh! this is so romantic….embarassedkiss)


When he got the ring slid into his wedding finger once again by his wife, Seyi said  ” Our love is renewed and anointing refreshed. The ring has no end, so shall our love be” ….. Is this comedy or is he really saying this?cool Wow! but Seyi is simply romantic!


Abegiii the Cake was one of the perfectly finished I have seen. The edges were crafted to perfection and the color combination was da bomb!… Oh and Seyi said again ” Our joy and hope is not in God just for the next 5 years but for the forever He promised. We are not counting, just numbering.” This guy is prophetic too! 



Hi Seyi Law, to you and your family, Naija bakers wish you more years of blessing! Happy wedding anniversary from us here….




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