Blossomade & SnowFlakes: Love Formed Out Of Sugar


I am going to report this event out of my normal style of wedding reportage. This post is purely a collection of information presented as pure as it is! “SUGAR unites two individuals and make a perfect couple out of it! “. How do I go about this? I was there live and I was a witness to this union of love blest by God and the people…..Lots of cake Pros were there too….. This is one of my most exciting compilations and it is just because this is the very first time in the Naija cake industry that SUGAR will do this kind of a miracle! Now let me give you the prologue…. 


Stella Adeshewa Agu (Nee Adebgite) is a Naija Pro baker in diaspora. she is the creative director and CEO of Blossomade Cakes in the UK. She has has been featured in this blog a number of times as a true representative of the Nigerian talent abroad. Her cakes have made popular rounds both here and abroad..

Frank Patrick Agu is a Naija Pro baker, an amazing inspiration to new and old bakers – He is one of Naija’s finest, I can confidently say that cake decorating is inscribed in the palm of his hands. He is the creative sugar artist and CEO of Snowflakes Cake Artistry. He is currently one of the most celebrated cake artists in Nigeria 



Now, SUGAR is a term that describes how sweet a thing can be. Its is the word that has been used in place of baked and decorated cakes. The art of cake decoration is not  alive without sugar….hence the cake industry is also refered to as the sugar world – Ladies and Gentlemen I have tried to give you a clue of how this love is made in sugar..

The wedding (both engagement and white) took placed on Saturday, 10th, Sept, at Westown Hotel Ikeja amidst cheers from family, friends and colleagues in the cake Industry. Its was fun for all of us to unite in a kind of function that assures us of better outcomes of our profession. 



The couple gave the world the weirdest pleasure of seeing one of the best crafted cakes at wedding receptions. The bride made a tall wedding cake and the groom make a big castle cake. people kept wondering if those things were really cakes….until the knife went in between them, cutting out large chunks.



Aahh! let me stop talking now and allow the sugar boy to talk to his bride…….photos and love words now….



God knew what he was doing when he gave me you! I cannot express how much I love you and how much our life together means to me. I pray for us everyday and thank God for you and for guiding and leading us. You are my best and dearest, my love for you is ife gbono (hot pure love)! Je t’aime my love. – Frank


Breathless, Wow speechless is all you left me with. I just love you more than anything I could not live my life without you in it, because you are my life and I enjoy our time together. Thank you for making me your husband. You have given me the best gift, your heart and our life together. As the SNOWFLAKES fall on us our love will BLOSSOM by God’s grace. I love you my wife  – Frank


I am the most luckiest guy to have you as my wife. So I am writing this that you and everyone can see my profession, captured in time here on this page, being read and spoken even on days that my love is weary: I am constantly, undeniably in love with you. – Frank


There is simply no one else that fits so perfectly with me like you do. You’re the most beautiful, priceless, wonderful, witty, and awesome answer to my prayer. I will treasure you and stay true to you always forever. I love you my ever handsome husband. Happy married life to us! – Stella



When you stepped into my life, my heart didn’t know what to do with  a man as devoted as you. You overwhelmed me, in the best of ways, with deep, vulnerable companionship, and then I realized you were the best friend I’d been praying for so I couldn’t wait to have you forever as my One and Only Prince Charming. – Adeshewa



I won’t always live up to that reality. There will still be days that I forget to appreciate you with my words and actions. But the truth is written on my heart and embedded in my soul that my life is intertwined with yours. – Frank


..Ok now back to the wedding things, like I said It was fun. Lots of Naija Pro bakers cake to take part in this joy. it was a beautiful for us in the industry. We want more of these…in fact single bakers can you start hooking up inside this SUGAR?…a voice told me we would soon witness another one…AMEN!

See some of the pics that rocked the event…




From lsft to right: Chioma Ontop Classics (me), Mr creative, Santamarie, cake priest, City Touch, Big Exude (Eso) and Cakes Et Al


The Sugar Pro Ladies rocking…


Chioma Ontop Classics (Me) with Sugar queen, Ezinne Oknkwo of Dewdrops Cakes


Cakes Et Al, Cake priest kema and Mummy Kenny of Kogsy Sugarcraft Centre






cakes et Al, Cake Priest, R’n Y Desserts, and Mr Creative


The ladies rock!!




Tunica Abuede (Classic Cakes I Do) & Monalisa Bee with Cakes Et Al


Cakes Et Al with the couple Snowfalkes & Blossomade


On behalf of the Naija Cake Industry, I wish you guys the best of life together as a couple. very soon we shall come celebrating the birth of new sugar Pro kids Amen!


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