‘Be my Valentine Movie Nights’ Cake Collaboration – The Making Of Aragorn By Azzura Cuomo Cake Art


Be My Valentine! movie nights is an international collaboration of 45 talented cake and sugar artists.

They celebrate Valentine’s day through their favorite movies, showing how being in love can bring joy, happiness, or the opposite sorrow, sadness, how love can betray, how love can make you do crazy things you never imagined whether is a good or a bad thing…..and they replicate these scenes with Sugar crafted Cakes!



I came across this amazing talent in cake artistry, Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art and my mouth was just wide open as I starred at the pictures and the concept behind them.

When contacted on this , she had this to say;

This is the piece I made as a contribution to the amazing collaboration Be My Valentine! movie nights, organized by Hajnalka Mayor and Isabel Tamargo! It has been designed thinking to one of the most magical and intense love scene I’ve ever seen on screen. …. Arwen giving Aragorn the Evenstar, giving up on her immortal life :“It is mine to give to whom I will. …like my heart”

The cake is free-hand painted with royal icing and the characters are all handmade without the use of any mould. ..





My esteemed cake lovers, cake artistry went far beyond the taste of cakes long time ago…it has gone to the level of expression of the innermost intent of the unseen mind…cake is art and art is cake!











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