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Fear Factor!!

Hello Bakers and cake lovers, I made a promise on our Facebook page to start up a programme here on the blog which will provide a platform for sharing our experiences as bakers. The anchor topic of this programme is;

As a baker…. What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out….. Your story might help a beginner or someone out there…. To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz….


Our our data collection point still remains our Facebook group page and Instagram Page. I urge all bakers to be part of this. Its also fun as we talk about those things that had made us cry before..

In this first segment of the series, Let’s hear these bakers as they share their experiences:


Olla Kalu Ogba

Cake Designer


It was one of my Cake delivery… A Bus driver rammed into our  delivery car and the cake boxes scattered. The Cakes broke. Sadness and depression set in. How to call the client was another story. I Just parked my car somewhere and ate pretty much half of the most damaged cake. Turned around…drove back and called my clients one by one.  It is Cake tragedy to suffer working and have your cake die enroute final destination.


Akanbi Titilayo


Nobody called to book for Cakes for months and I was like God what’s happening or maybe cake biz isn’t my line. Even when people come to book and after the talking and conclusion about payment another thing happens which will make the client tell you he or she’s is no more interested, depression, sadness, thinking comes in between diff story to tell


Chioma OnTop Classics

CEO, Cakes @ On Top Classics


Wow…it has not been easy ….I have lots of stories to tell. I have seen and faced a lot but thank God I conquered too. But I will just share two experiences that made me cry like a baby….lol.. The first one was far back 2013….I was baking a wedding cake…I started baking it on a Wednesday as against Saturday….so on Thursday when I was about leveling the cakes ….getting ready to cover them. I just decided to pack the remaining ingredients I used for baking…the baking powder fell down and when i picked it up ….I decided to check the expiry date only for me to find out that it was already expired two years back …2011 and I bought it for that wedding job I had….At first….I didn’t know what to do….I was shocked and guess what the bride called that she was on her way to check how things were going… have a glance on her cake…. But I had to convince her that all was well…that she should come on Friday when I must have finished decorating it. After dropping that call….I started shedding tears… I didn’t have enough money on me; the time left was too short to do anything. But I had no choice….I had to trash the whole cakes that I baked for that wedding and I managed to raise some cash……went to the market…bought fresh ingredients because then I wasn’t buying them in bulk. I baked throughout that Thursday night… Worked throughout Friday…….finished the whole decoration on that Saturday morning…..took the cake to the hall hurriedly…. Hmmm…that particular incidence was not funny at all. I felt sad all through.



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