BAKERS COMMON ROOM: Experiences And Testimonies (6)


Fear Factor!

with reference to our anchor topic:

As a baker…. What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out….. Your story might help a beginner or someone out there…. To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz….

These four bakers share their experience….




ify olaoti (in4u cakes)

Hehehe…these experiences make us better bakers!!
I had an event which I styled the venue and made the cake. Whenever I do both, my driver brings the cake in for me with the delivery car (while I join my other driver in the van). This fateful Saturday, the driver bringing the cake called me saying ” madam the cake don scatter oo. I no know as e take happen o. Maybe na gallop.” I was beside myself when I saw it!! Good thing I always carry to the venue 1kg fondant and all the cutters and tools I used in making the cake. I learnt it from Ace Of Cakes on Food Network. I looked for a secluded place and went to work!! I smoothed and patched and did flowers, etc until the cake looked good enough for presentation. It wasn’t funny ooo. Thank God she was an understanding bride. She didn’t notice!! But me I no say…


Amanda Ezekwe Sam Wobo ( house of Mandex cakes)

Very hilarious stories. …….mine was years back…after decorating a 10″sponge cake with butter cream, immediately the customer came to pick up, it smashed right in front of her, as in..I no fit cry o! Right there I had to redecorate a rainbow cake lol colours got mixed up….the customer loved it and thanked me


Asigho Pamela uzezi 

Mine was after taking the cake out of the oven,placed it on the dinning to cool,only for me to return to the living room to see my cake in different sizes. My SON used cake knive to butcher the cake for me, why my daughter poured water on the fondant I made. I was like “dey send una come from village” I learnt my lesson that day,never to do my work while the kids are awake.


Olagbende – mesi funmi 

Dere was a day i baked and was decorating wedding cake at my back yard just 3 step and at d junction i left it to attend to a visitor suddenly somebody came to me dat rain was falling i rushed out wit my visitor to carry d table all of a sudden d 2 step on it just fell and scattered i shouted an my heart started beating bcos d owner is coming to pick it next day moni, but d Lucky i hav was it fell on d table not on d floor, wot i did was i packed it together and mode everything together then recoated it and cover it up, I did not even bother about d texture of d cake anymore just to meet up but to my surprise dis cake brought another buz right frm Ekiti to Lagos, I blessed God,


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