BAKERS COMMON ROOM: Experiences And Testimonies (5)


Fear Factor!

with reference to our anchor topic:

As a baker…. What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out….. Your story might help a beginner or someone out there…. To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz….

These three bakers share their experience….



Ruthie Frank-Briggs

My first traditional box cake. I had help and directives from my friend @cake empress @ soso. I was up till 4am with my able assistant and partner @Victoria. We eventually finished the cake. It was a trado box kalabari cap and walking stick. The client never picked the cake up and never paid for the cake Because she quarreled with the bride and unfortunately she was the one paying for the cake. It wasn’t funny


Tolulope Adebayo Oyewale

Mine happened not long ago, a client came to demand for a princess cake. After showing her all the cakes on my phone, she said that there is none she likes so I have to go online to search for princess cakes. After about 2 hours she was able to choose. Then came pricing time. She chose 2 tier cake o!, I asked her to pay 15k and she said ha! that she budgeted 5k for 2 tiers of cake. it was so annoying but I had to calm myself down because if I should talk with the annoyance in me, it will be something else. I just told her can’t even do it for 12k.


Fortune Ebuka Obojiofor

HEY,I was laughing all through when I was reading the comments, I was not laughing mockingly but it was as if this was for me. Can you imagine one woman came to my office and said she wants to learn how to bake and I told her the fee. She said her daughter’s birthday was over the weekend, that I would teach her how to bake with her daughter’s cake. OK she gave me money for the materials, we baked and decorated that cake and up till today, the woman has not said anything about learning again. Secondly, I had a very infuriating incidence, I baked an 8″ round cake with 4″ height for a neighbor’s friend for #4500. I worked all night because I had my final exams the next day. I delivered the cake only for the client to tell me that she hates the cake with passion ,what rubbish. After all the topper, foster Clark’s baking powder, butter milk from supermarket. I don die!. I cried my eyes out as I was not able to study the night before.





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