BAKERS COMMON ROOM: Experiences And Testimonies (3)


Fear Factor!

with reference to our anchor topic:

As a baker…. What was the most challenging thing you faced in the past or you are still facing in this cake biz that made you /makes you feel so sad or worried (even to the extent of crying).. feel free to let it out….. Your story might help a beginner or someone out there…. To overcome his/her current worries in the Cake Biz….

These three bakers share their experience….



Fatoki Latifah Oyedokun

CEO,Exclusive House of Cakes And Events

I faced a lot of challenges in this business, in 2010, I do baked for days with my son without sleeping, because my oven and mixer were so small, I remember one the December that my little daughter had to ask me, mum is this how all the bakers stay sleepless? I later overcame that, and worst happened in September 2011, I baked six tier wedding cake, finished the decor on Wednesday, I had to take to Ilorin for my cousin’s wedding, my younger sis and my apprentice left with the cake, they haven’t reach toll gate before the cake crash, my sister was driving, the girl just left the cakes unchecked, I was in another car with the trad cakes, I called home to send my turn tables, my tools, cmc and other things,,,,, the person with my tools and fondant ingredients came to Ilorin that night, but she forgot everything in the car, she came with only her handbag, I got to the park with her on Friday morning around 6:30am and we are told the driver has already left, I started crying, I was broke, I had to draw plan b, look for the nearest market, bought icing sugar and other things, I use my cousin kitchen as workshop without a table, aaaah, I will never forget that experience


Oluyemi Sunmisere Owoeye

CEO, Dynamic Food and Pastries

My over 15 years life of baking professionally has lots of challenges from different angles. But one of it was from 1 week to 3 days to a wedding, I was on the hospital bed, supposed to deliver the traditional cake (box, basket of molded fruits) on Friday morning, while the white on Saturday . No student or experienced assistant then, I started thinking if i could do it, but God saw me through and all was delivered appropriately. 2nd was one night, I wanted to bake vanilla and red velvet for separate clients, I bought both fosterclark red food colouring and vanilla flavour, (remember, their vanilla is a dark colour). I had so much to do that night, so was working with speed. I wanted to add my vanilla flavour into the broken eggs (about 40 pieces), that was how I found out I was pouring the food colouring. And the red velvet was just a 500g recipe. I almost cried. Whether to pour the eggs or…. I just start calling for egg sellers and has too start all over again. 3rd was my gas got finished at mid night, as I love working at that time, coupled with my schedules………. And lots of cakes in the oven. Thank God there has always been a way out.


Esther Essienet

Year 2002 I assisted a young lady baked her wedding cake she only bought the ingredients ,it was a 6 tier cake and one extra, she came to know my house so as to send someone to pick me and cake by 11am on the wedding day and she did not give me the address but mentioned Karimo , I waited till 3pm before a young girl appeared that she was sent to pick up the cake without a car, I made her come into the house and when she saw the cakes she busted into tears and asked “Aunty how I go carry all these cakes?” I ended up taking a drop to the venue and all I received was abuses from guests, they did not allow me stack the cake. I was so angry that I snatched the microphone from the MC and explained the situation till today, she has not returned the transport money nor the stipend she promised to give me and it was the days of royal icing. Another incident was I had finished decorating, gone to bed and in the morning just when we were about to leave for the venue, my sister ran to me and said my son has killed me, he had climbed the table and with his hands had a filled of the cake a quarter part of the cake was destroyed but thank God a little cake kept for the house was there. After weeping ,some parching was done and flowers to cover the spot and more on other part of the cake. But the client loved the new design more



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