Awesome Wedding Cakes By Naija Bakers


Proudly Naija! These cakes are crafted by Naija bakers. This program is designed to showcase outstanding masterpieces from Nigerian bakers. We will be running it on segments and yours truly is ready to showcase them every week (according to the number of entries we get per week) In this maiden segment, My amazing readers I present to you these awesome cakes! Click on any baker of your choice if you interested in his/her works

Here they are…



Made by Cakes at OntopClassics


Made by Dainty Affairs Bakery


Made By Saycheese Cakes



Made By Dewdrops Cakes 



Made By The Empress Galleria 



Made By MorHouse Cakes



Made By AndyClark Cakes



Made By Licious Desserts



Made By Dripples Cakes



Made By Rikies Cakes



Made by Sweet Indulgence Cakes



Made By Helado Delicia 


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