#Anugold2016: Dewdrops Dazzles Audience With A Giant Cake


Glamour rolled as Anu and Golden said “I do” in the presence of friends and family. This I guess will be one of the most memorable days in their life. As a couple, this is the begging of good things to come. This is also an event they would not want to be repeated in their lives again as marriage is meant to be “Till death do us part”. This is probably why they chose the queen of detailing in wedding cakes, Ezinne Okonkwo of Dewdrops Catering services to bake and decorate their wedding cake…

This cake towered up towards the sky with every bit of its outline clearly detailed. This is what I call “Cake on point”. I could see the smiles on the faces of the couple as the stood to cut the cake. in their minds, it was ” All thanks to Dewdrops..”

We wish the couple e beautiful union and we say kudos to our top Naija Baker!











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