#Bevtam2016: All The Cakes Baked For Beverly And Tammy’s Wedding


The cakes presented on these occasions are listed below:

The Traditional Wedding Cake: A box (probably a box full of wrappers) with a lace wrapper and a traditional Cap with beads then a plate containing cola nuts and bride price. This a modern tradition in our system and beautifully portrays the wholesomeness of marriage. This cake was made by Ruka Bakes

The Bridal Shower Cake: A colorful gift box neatly tied with a fondant ribbon showcasing the mystery of marriage. A wise man once said ” Marriage is like a blind buy, you don’t get to know the contents until you buy and open it” I guess the tied box signifies exactly that.

The wedding Cake: The Empress Galleria created a 4-wheeled all-white 6-tiered cake. The purity of the cake appearance would probably give a clue on the sacredness of marriage. Saintly as I call it, white cakes will always appeal to the eyes any day.



The reception took place at Genesis Cinemas , GRA Port Harcourt City as Beverly and Tammy tied the knot in the presence of God and the church, to the cheering of friends and family.

Congrats to the couple and kudos to our Naija Bakers

Photo Credit: Happy Benson Pixels










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