Admin’s Helpful Tutorial Series …..Draping Fondant On Buttercream


Texture and height lend a drama that is difficult to achieve with standard buttercream. Fondant has the ideal consistency and flexibility for fashioning into sweeping drapes, tumbling ribbons or smooth shapely arches

Let’s follow these steps bellow

 Align three wooden dowel rods spacing ¾” apart. Cut a strip of fondant 3 ½” wide x 14” long, narrowing at both ends


 Working quickly lay fondant evenly over dowels


 Press fondant between dowels to form ribs


 Carefully remove dowels


 Pinch ends together to form pleats. Carefully turn to backside



 Pipe icing along edges and backside of ribs


 Holding pinched ends, turn to right side and drape diagonally across bottom cake layer


 Carefully press fondant to cake taking care not to crush the pleats


 Seal ends. Repeat step, shortening drapes for subsequent cake layers


……………….We sincerely hope this helps someone


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